The sensible approach to professional-quality live video.

The future of branding is online video. Facebook and Twitter have flocked to it, while YouTube has successfully created an entire platform dedicated to connecting audiences with invigorating content. Hundreds of companies have already found incredible success by increasing conversions, improving brand confidence or simply reaching out to their audiences in a more intimate, immediate way. Meanwhile, network news bureaus fold into local affiliates for cost-saving measures, while social media platforms have taken up the slack.

The next step for companies is to give that video urgency—run it live. Facebook is spending $50 million on brands from BuzzFeed to Michael Phelps, all in the name of pushing its new Live project. YouTube’s live-streaming capabilities have grown exponentially since its launch, while Snapchat and Twitter’s Periscope have proven that immediacy, no matter how polished, captures audiences’ attention like nothing else.




What it is:

We’re creating a shared space for content creators, vloggers and companies of all sizes to showcase their work. Clients will be able to patch into our New York office and access our roster of talented editors and designers who will live stream your videos, ensuring they’re optimized for multiple social channels. Companies looking for video creation in a more boutique way can use our office space to film their own videos using our cameras, sound equipment and editing software. In short: You create the content; we make it shine.

What it will look like:

Part-newsroom, part-editing suite, our production studio offers something for every class of video producer. There will be four soundproof control rooms connected to live streamers across the world, as well as three post-production editing suites, all surrounding an area for researchers and developers to hash out ideas. Companies will also have access to film in a section of our studio set up with the professional-grade camera and sound gear, with optional backdrops or a bustling newsroom background.

What we offer:

Anyone can set a camera on a tripod and start filming a live stream—which is exactly why you need us to stand apart from the masses.

We remove any editing or post-production worries from the equation. While your video stream is beamed out live, we offer pop-up graphics, background music, intros and outros, end credits, brand logos, bylines and remote producing to vastly improve the video’s overall look, bringing it up to par with newscast–quality programs.

Because of our studio size and producers’ commitment, we can also guarantee all this with relatively short notice—an unprecedented immediate access with multiple brands at work. Creators can simply dial into our studio and be broadcast live simultaneously over multiple channels, including Facebook Live and YouTube—an impossibility for at-home videographers without the right software.

Why shared space?

Editing software, a variety of microphones, high-quality headphones and 4K camera equipment are hard to come by—especially for companies whose specialties and budgets are focused on bigger projects. With our shared space, you won’t need to settle for lower-quality gear in order to branch into the market.

Paying to use our hardware costs a fraction of what it would to purchase the gear outright. On top of that, we guarantee professional operators and editors who can make the most of every available camera mode and filming technique.

As any of the United States’ more than 53 million freelancers will tell you, shared space is the future of work. Communal workspaces combine the privacy of discrete rooms with the openness of a modern office, bringing likeminded thinkers, entrepreneurs and influencers together into a single creative hub. Writers, coders and photographers have already realized this—introducing this concept to the video industry is the next big step.


The ultimate road to expanding reach—right at your customers’ fingertips.

Brands have already begun overtly adopting habits from digital newsrooms—they’re creating engaging editorial calendars for social media, analytics charts for audience targeting and content marketing.

But live video presents an unprecedented opportunity, and those with insider’s knowledge of network broadcasting can make it a triumph.

By hosting a regularly scheduled live-streamed show companies can discover fantastic new opportunities that previous projects, such as webinars and live customer service, had only scratched the surface of. Marketers could combine the benefits of real-time response and assured posterity, reaching viewers today and ensuring their relevance tomorrow.


Facebook is investing millions in video-based brands. It’s time for brands to invest back.

It’s no secret that Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm loves video—and, since early 2016, the company has openly weighted Live videos at the very top. For brands, that means simply creating these videos is guaranteed to push your content to the top of potential customers’ Facebook newsfeeds.

The platform is right there, and the invitation is wide open. The next step for brands is to create the most engaging content possible, garnering likes and exposure with each share—which means authoritative, high-quality video. Whether your goal is to go viral or educational, Facebook is the ideal method to showcase your brand in 2016.

For larger projects, YouTube offers everything you need

YouTube offers enormous benefits for larger-scale projects, web series or short one-off clips. As it edges into traditional network television territory, Google’s video platform combines a penchant for viral content with new live streaming and on-demand video options that allow for a comprehensive archive of once-live footage, all archived for posterity.

YouTube also offers more social and traditional advertising options than Facebook. With pre-roll advertising, your brand can push current commercials and marketing campaigns before any relevant video or market you target, while the platform’s social elements mean consistent video content will open the door to new visitors who would never find your business any other way.

On top of all this, being able to quickly embed a YouTube video into a landing page on your website will boost your online properties, creating a rich multimedia experience on any device.


We’re serious about your security

Cimaglia Productions has always ensured that client security is a top priority. By focusing on redundancies to regularly back up all files and information, we are never caught unprepared, even in emergency situations.

With 15 years’ experience working with clients of all sizes, we’re conscious of how to manage brand identities, taking every precaution with employees and staff. Our foremost commitment is to the client.

Handling your social streams

Larger companies may hand out social media access to multiple employees, which can be precarious business—it’s not unheard of for individuals to post personal messages on their work account or vice versa. By using our services, we eliminate that problem, creating a de facto firewall between your content and the world.

We have protection models in place to comply with whatever concerns that may arise, from password breaches to purposeful delays that allow a time buffer between when content is filmed and when it runs online. This allows for last-minute censoring or corrections that need to be made.