With a strong internet connection, you can experience VR on most modern devices: mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, Apple TV, and more. The audience for VR content is huge and the barrier of entry low.

You don’t need special goggles to view VR content but having them will make the viewing experience even better and allow you to explore 3D elements. If you are interested in goggles, we recommend Google Cardboard.

Ready to give it a shot? Just press, “play” on the videos below and use the directional navigation in the top left corner of the video to move around.

“Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook


NYC "Billion Oyster Project"

VR is an excellent tool for education. It allows students to engage more deeply with the material and creates a much more rich learning experience. VR is an extremely cost-effective solution compared to traditional models that require significant travel expenses and substantial physical infrastructure.

Billion Oyster Project’s mission is to get 1 Billion Oysters into NY Harbor to help clean up the water and build back reef structure to protect against storm surge. The high school students of The New York Harbor School grow, monitor and track the oyster’s progress.

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360° Video of the Hemingway House in Cuba "Museo Hemingway at Finca La Vigía"

There is no better way to get potential tourists excited about your destination than by sharing a little of your culture, beauty and people with them. VR lets travelers briefly step inside your world and leaves them wanting more. VR content helps builds excitement and trust around safety, accommodations, and general location conditions.

The Hemingway House in Cuba is located in a small, modest suburb of Havana named San Francisco de Paula – approximately 9 miles from the capital city.

Situated on a hilltop, the Hemingway House was first purchased by Ernest Hemingway in 1940.

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