We tell beautiful and honest stories in innovative ways.


SINCE 2002

Cimaglia Productions is avant-garde. We forge forward-focused design in a foundry of innovative wisdom. Our goal is to bring thoughts and ideas to life through an extensive exposure to the heat and pressure of the creative process. With a full team of specialists in advertising, marketing, and video production, we are able to infuse life into abstracts of any size, nurturing them into elegant and inspired full-scale campaigns. Unceasingly whetting our imaginations allows us to keep your company on the cutting edge, breaking new ground with each step forward.

Cimaglia is a trusted brand with experience catering to Fortune 100 & 500 companies, localized charities, and everything in between. We work intimately with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and always deliver a product that shoots beyond expectations.


360° Spherical Solutions

Virtual reality presents an unprecedented opportunity for immersive storytelling. To harness the power of the newest advancement in digital entertainment, however, requires old-fashioned grit, grind, and know-how. Unlike the newest wave of new media startups, Cimaglia is developing meticulously constructed narrative content, and delivering on tight deadlines.


The sensible approach to professional-quality live video.

The future of branding is online video. Facebook and Twitter have flocked to it, while YouTube has successfully created an entire platform dedicated to connecting audiences with invigorating content.